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Labour Induction Epidemic and Autism Epidemic: Is There a Link?

There are many reasons why further studies about labour induction as a possible risk factor for autism are urgently needed. The first one is that the authors of the oldest studies included in our database came across risks associated with induction, whereas the most recent studies could not take into account this variable. "Labour induction" should be explicitly taken into consideration, because it can be associated either with birth by the vaginal route (with or without intervention such as forceps), or with caesarean birth. Another reason is that the epidemic of autism and the epidemic of induction seem to have developed side by side. Most importantly, a third reason is that the results of recent studies suggest that children with autistic disorder show alterations in their oxytocin system.

Primal Health, by Michel Odent, MD
No. 12: After the MMR Fuss: Autism from a Primal Health Research Perspective
Last accessed 1/22/05

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